Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Ideal Workplace

Since this journal originally had 6 participants from 3 different countries (and different states/regions), shipping-times would have taken away substantially from the time producing and perhaps made the project impossible, the decision was made that each artist would produce 5 pages each on the theme An Ideal Workplace and send them to me, the originator.

At the end, the number of artists involved narrowed down to 4:

Lantto (Trondheim, Norway)
Göta Svensson (Hedsta, Sweden)
Beth Robinson (Greenville, N.C., USA)
myself, Marielle Nylander (Umeå, Sweden).

designed and bound the journal after all the pages arrived early in January, then shipped off the journal to Michigan by express mail. Now keeping fingers crossed it makes it to Finlandia University on time for the opening.


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